VIN Management and Treatment in Pregnant Women

VIN Management and Treatment in Pregnant Women

VIN Management and Treatment in Pregnant Women

VIN Management in Pregnant Women. In pregnant women, especially detection of VIN 3 is a very rare condition and in fact is not an issue to create serious problems. The reason is if the prognosis of the pregnancy is extensive and together with the vulva carcinoma, given the average rate of the pregnant women this is highly unlikely, it does not affect it.

In the pregnant woman VIN diagnosis is generally set by the biopsies taken when vulvar colposcopy is made due to the genital warts. Especially when VIN 3 is detected there can be 2 ways to direct the pregnant woman:

1.       Surgical treatment: The region detected with VIN 3 is removed locally or it can be ablated with cautery /laser, can be “incinerated”. Ablation operation can be easily performed with local anesthesia as long as the lesion is not widespread and it shall have no effect on the child. It is applied especially in the 2nd trimester o the pregnancy.

2.       2. Waiting. If you may read the text on pregnancy and genital warts on this site you can see why the immune system is weakened physiologically, i.e. normally, in the pregnant women and how the wart formation is affected of this condition. In the same way VIN can surface due to physiological weakening of the immune system in the normal progress of pregnancy.

In case the lesion is detected in the later months of the pregnancy, waiting for the delivery is a very rational approach. However in this case, vaginal delivery is not recommended, especially if warts are present together with the VIN 3 lesion.

Another point to emphasize is that in pregnant woman medical treatments are never applied. Agents like Imikamol, 5-fluorourasil causes abnormalities in baby. Thus it is absolutely forbidden to use.

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