Colcospcopy of Vulva

When Should Colcoscopy of Vulva Be Performed?

  1. In visible abnormalities of vulva
  2. If no vagina and cervix abnormality associated with abnormal cervix cytology
  3. In case there are itching, sense of burning and pain in vulva without prominent etiology.
This point is important. Biopsy should absolutely be performed on the patient, who is over 50 years old, has continuous itching in vulva and does not respond to the medications. Biopsy should be performed from the places, on which acetowhite epithelium is detected during colposcopy, and great attention should be paid and biopsy should be received from all of remarkable lesions.
Near you watch colposcopic image of the lesion in the patient, in which VIN 3 is detected in vulva. The lesion resembles to wart at 11 o’clock alignment; however, there is punctuation on it The lesion located below is a wart.

Vulva colposcopy is performed on a similar purpose as vagina and cervix colposcopy. 3-5% acetic acid is applied on external genital system. Penetration of the solution on cells and appearance of lesion in white color may take 3-5 minutes.

Urethra and anus should be observed by special attention. If sharply-circumscribed lesion is noticed, part biopsy is received by 3-5 mm needle under local anesthesia or lesion is completely removed and closed by sutures. This provides complete removal of lesion. It is good but the patient should cooperate with the doctor very well.

The picture below also belongs to VIN 3 case, on which colposcopy is performed. You see VIN 3 lesions emerging with acetic acid in the shape of acetowhite epithelium caused by common HPV Type 16 in vulva

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