Vaginal Colposcopy

Vaginal Colposcopy


Colposcopy of vagina is very similar to colposcopy of cervix, but natural folds and curves makes the procedure more difficult and time-consuming. Four quadrants are completed by starting from a quadrant, acetic acid is applied by repeating and abnormal painted areas are noted. This is a systematical approach. Reproduction of secretion epithelium (adenosis), pigmented lesion and cysts may be observed without the need for a special paint. Turning speculum is required in order to observe the vagina from front and back parts. Lugol paint is auxiliary in terms of making the lesions more prominent and determination of all abnormal areas.

Near you see lesions progressing to vagina after applying acetic acid in the patient, in whom vulvar intra-epithelial neoplasia 3 (VIN 3)

and at the same time vaginal intra-epithelial neoplasia 3 (VAIN 3)

Frankly vaginal colposcopy is an evaluation that we often apply in bowenoid papulosis. Apart from it, colposcopy is required to be performed to remaining vaginal vault if any problem occurs in the smear in follow-ups of the patient, who has been operated due to cervical cancer.

However, the number of cases that we directly perform colposcopy due to vagina cancer is quite limited.

Opening speculum during the procedure is useful as far as possible, because this procedure flattens the vagina surface and facilitates colposcopy. But this procedure may sometimes be difficult for the patient and uneasiness of the patient is a factor for calposcopist to complicate evaluation of vagina.

Below you see a photograph of a case, in whom VAIN 3 is detected in vagina cervix junction at 6 o’clock alignment in anterior fronix of cervix during colposcopy before conization (but not decided very clearly). There is CIN 3 in cervix

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