What Are The Complications of Colposcopy? What Should The Patient Pay Attention After Colposcopy? How Is Follow-Up Made?

What Are The Complications of Colposcopy? What Should The Patient Pay Attention After Colposcopy? How Is Follow-Up Made?

Bleeding and infection are the complications to occur in biopsy region or intra-uterine tissue (endometrium). At the same time, not observing the lesion is within possibility.

Severe bleeding and infection are very rare. Monsel’s solution is applied by small or big cotton buds or cautery procedure is applied to control the bleeding in the areas, from which biopsy is received.

What Should The Patient Pay Attention After Colposcopy? How Is Follow-Up Made?

I ask them to avoid sexual intercourse at least for 10 days in order to minimize trauma risk possible to result in bleeding. The patients should be informed about how and when they will have their results both written and verbally.

The possibility of one colposcopy may miss high stage lesion. Therefore follow-up colposcopy should be applied in the patients with long-term abnormal results in cytology or HPV test. It brings us to the efficiency of colposcopy.

Effectiveness of Colposcopy In Recognizing Cervix Problems

Colposcopy is a diagnosis test used in women with abnormal cytology results; however, whether it is an efficient scanning method is controversial when used alone. If you ask why, the reliability of each procedure depending on a person is controversial. If there is human factor, the case is always open to fault. [16].

Therefore, expected benefit of colposcopy depends on the experience and education of the physician to perform colposcopy. Latest histologic diagnosis depends on the skill to interpret colposcopy findings of the physician and to apply correctly directed biopsy. Ideas about normal epithelium, HSIL (CIN II / III) and invasive cancer image harmonize more among the physicians experienced about colposcopy. There may be serious incompatibilities among the results about low-stage abnormalities.

Colposcopy is more effective in specifying CIN2 or higher stage lesions. Sensitivity of biopsies received in CIN1 (power to determine the ill ones) is 91%, specificity (power to determine the healthy ones) is 25%, and sensitivity of higher lesions of biopsy received during colposcopy is 80% and specificity is 63% [20].

The reason that the sensitivity of colposcopy is limited is that acetowhite epithelium may be mostly observed in the anterior and posterior parts although there is no pathology and it may be spread into 4 quadrants like CIN.

2 or more biopsies increase specificity but afterwards, it makes intervention difficult. As a result, the best approach for biopsies is not specified yet and it depends on the experience of the person, who performs colposcopy.

Important diseases (HSIL, cancer) are mostly detected in colposcopy performed by an experienced physician. However, there may be important hystological abnormality of women, who have had normal colposcopy examination. Therefore compliance of cytology, hystology and colposcopy findings should be provided by making separate diagnosis and management plan for each woman. As mentioned above, insufficient colposcope requires monitoring all squamocolumnar junction and lesions. Moreover biopsies of lesions should explain abnormal cytology.

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