Prevalence and World Distribution of Cervical Cancer

Prevalence and World Distribution of Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer, as of 2012, is the most prevalent gynecological cancer in the world, leaving breast cancer out of the category ( However if we list all the prevalent cancer in women, as seen in the diagram below, it can be said that it is the most prevalent cancer in sub-Saharan Africa. Visual is taken from the “J. Clin. Med. 2015, 4(5), 1126-1155″ article. In development of the cervical cancer the HPV infection is the fundamental factor. It is detected in 97.7% of all cervical cancers.


RAhim ağzı kanseri istatistik 3

World Health Organization (WHO) data suggests that the cervical cancer has composed the 7.5% of all cancers seen in women in 2012. (

Every year it causes 270,000 deaths in average. In other words, it is the 2nd cancer type most prevalent in women under 45 in the world, and is the 3rd prominent cause of death from cancer following breast and lung cancer. A woman dies of cervical cancer each 2 minutes across the world. However these discourses are used frequently by the drug companies, however most of these deaths are seen in underdeveloped countries.

The data in Turkey are limited. R.T. Ministry of Health Cancer Office data shows that in 2008 the prevalence of cervical cancer is 4.1 in hundred thousand. According to Globacan (WHO) data in 2008 it is estimated that 1443 women had cervical cancer diagnosis and 556 women have died of cervical cancer (

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However the 4.1 over hundred thousand ratio in 2008 seems to be unrealistic due to the quality of the data gathered. In last 4 years more proper data are collected by KETEM (state owned cancer scanning centers). Thus, it is meaningful that we shall reach realistic numbers as of 2020.

The development status of the countries affects directly the prevalence of the cervical cancer. Because as the monetary power of the country increases, the scanning programs and strategies are used more frequently and better. In developed countries the cervical cancer is the 11th most prevalent caner. And it is at the 9th position among the cancers causing death (Torre LA, Bray F, Siegel RL, et al. Global cancer statistics, 2012. CA Cancer J Clin 2015; 65: 87 – 93). In short, if you visit your gynecologist regularly and have smear test, you can meet HPV, meddle with precancerous lesions like CIN 1, and even have cervical cancer. You shall not be lost to these illness.

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