Cervical Cancer Indications

Cervical Cancer Indications

Cervical Cancer Indications

Ahh işte siz hastaları sürekli geren ve korkulu rüyalar görmenize neden olan konu. Google baba’ya sorarsanız, Here is the issue stressing you patients and causes you to see bad dreams. When Google it, for example if you write “bleeding after sexual intercourse” here you go, one in three answers you will receive shall be “cervical cancer”. Look, the bleeding after sexual intercourse is one of the indicators of the cervical cancer but this condition happens usually in advanced stages.

In fact, in summary, early stage cervical cancer does not usually give clinical findings. The case count giving findings is published differently however the cervical cancer is usually detected at early stage or when it is a cancer precursor in the countries where the cervical cancer scans are made regularly regarding the social health.

However if we need to count the indications; irregular severe vaginal bleeding, post intercourse spotting bleeding, thick vaginal leakage with bad smell defined as mucoid are the indicators that can be counted most frequently.

I have seen a cervical cancer at an advanced stage where physical therapy is applied due to hernia long years ago. However it is normally detected in normal examination and routine scans. Thus, please visit your gynecologists at least once a year. In addition, there are free of charge HPV scanning tests the state provides. Please benefit.

03 Eylül 2017 tarihinde Prof. Dr. Süleyman Engin Akhan tarafından yayınlanmış ve 19 Kasım 2018 tarihinde de son güncelleme yapılmıştır.


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