Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Methods

Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Methods

Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Methods

In the cases below cervical cancer should be considered:

1. In case of suspicious lesion detection at cervix during gynecological examination or during examination, when we check the parametrium, the structure up to the bones at both sides of the womb and that includes ligaments holding the womb, in case an induration is felt the patient should absolutely be assessed regarding cervical cancer. And gynecological examination is extremely important not only for the diagnosis also for the spreading of the illness.

2. In case of severe dysplasia at pap-smear. Dysplasia is the general name for cervical cancer precursors and please read the explanations at different parts of the site about the issue.

3. In case of bleeding after intercourse and bleeding between menstrual periods suspicion occurs. I detailed the subject in the cervical cancer indications part. Frankly, only in very few of the women with bleeding during intercourse, cervical cancer is detected.

If there is a suspicion of cervical cancer and if there is one of the indications listed above then one of the diagnosis methods given below is applied.

1. Pap-smear: It is important regarding diagnosis. In case detection of ASC-H or cancer indications in the smear, absolutely colposcopy and if necessary colposcopic biopsy should be made.

2. Cervical Biopsy: In case of a suspicious finding or lesion at the cervix during the gynecological examination, absolutely a biopsy should be performed. One of the biggest mistakes made is after detecting a suspicious area visually detected at the cervix taking a smear. It is meaningless. Pap-smear method is to sample cells that fall off the cervix. However, in case of a visually apparent lesion, biopsy must be made.

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3. Colposcopy: In case of a problem in the smear a colposcopy must be made. You can find the details regarding the issue in the section with the same name. In case of detection of suspicious areas in colposcopy (for example asetowhite epithelia) biopsies form these regions must be taken.

4. Imaging Methods: Simultaneously used PET-CT and MRI are used as a guide especially during taking the surgery decision in patients with cervical cancer diagnosis. Besides this, these imaging methods are supporting also regarding the size of the surgical operation to be made.
It is beneficial to emphasize a point her. FIGO (Federation Int. Obstetrics and Gynecology), our overarching association, have limited the surveys with PA lung x-ray, IVP and barium graphy as the use and prevalence of the imaging methods are extremely different all around the world. However, having MR machines abundantly in our country causes us to refer to this method frequently.

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