What are the factor affecting the clarification of HPV?


  1. 1. The first factor is the virus type. For example time for the type-16/type-18 to clarify from the cervix takes nearly three years, type-6/type-11 takes one or two years. On the contrary, interestingly, when there are warts at anal region, to clarify typ-6 /type-11 from the region is much harder.
  2. 2. Virus load. The second one is of course virus load. Virus load is very important. Because if the person carrying the virus carries high amount of virus, if the virion amount is high, then during the intercourse, if you also contribute with some factors to facilitate the infection, for example if you have mechanically cleaned your hair or you have waxed etc. the region becomes a field ready for the virus to be sawn and if the opposing side has high virus load it infects it completely. Thus the virus load is very important.
  3. 3. Factors of Life. Other one is some of the factors about life, especially smoking; it should be emphasized every time, smoking significantly affects the clarification of the virus. The fourth is the co-factors. For example having another systemic illness, taking medicine suppressing your immune system etc. These including being treated, being resistant against treatment, whether you go to treatment regularly, affect the clarification of the virus, hasten or delay it.
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