Can I clarify HPV from my body?


The most interested and frequently asked question is whether they can get rid of the HPV. In some websites even though it indicates that this is not possible, not getting rid of this from your body is fundamentally rare occasion.

In general HPV virus, in all HPV types mainly, shall absolutely be driven off your body in 70% ratio in one year, 85-95% in two years and 98% up to three years.

Well why it was said before that it cannot be got rid of; why there is such an information on those websites? The reason for this is some books and publications written in early 90s. However we saw that HPV is clarified from the body completely.

Well what creates the difference? Clearly virus types create the difference. However you can be sure that it will be cleared of your body. Only problem is that when some high risk types like type 16/type 18 are in question, you need to receive treatment.

At least you need to be aware that you are infected with this virus and get a treatment. The treatment shall hasten the clarification process.

31 Ocak 2018 tarihinde Prof. Dr. Süleyman Engin Akhan tarafından yayınlanmış ve 16 Kasım 2018 tarihinde de son güncelleme yapılmıştır.


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